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The french garderie is open every day from 5pm to 5.30pm.

This garderie is accessible to all pupils (French, biligual, english). Access will be via the school gate (Sign your arrival by pressing the FRENCH GARDERIE button on the intercom.The service leader will open the door)

As a safety measure, children must be accompanied by an adult when they leave the garderie center.

Pricing & Payment

One session cost: £5.00

Payments have to be made by transfer to KIDOLOISIRS' bank account
KIDOLOISIRS bank details are available on invoices you receive when your child is enrolled in an activity.

Registration to the workshop covers the whole term.
It is not possible to register for one or a couple of sessions.

When making your payment, the payment's reference needs to be the child's surname.
Garderie Listing

Below, all the garderies for this term:
Days Levels Personnel/Teacher Remaining places
Monday All levels - fr + bil + eng Chahineze / Dougou 18 places

Tuesday All levels - fr + bil + eng Agnieszka / Dougou 8 places

Wednesday bil + eng levels only Silvana 15 places

Thursday All levels - fr + bil + eng Chahineze / Dougou 19 places

Friday All levels - fr + bil + eng Dougou 10 places