Nature is awakening. The gardens and parks open their spaces to welcome daffodils and tulips. The buds burst and the branches of the trees are covered with flowers.

The sun shines in the eyes of the children who take the opportunity to get out after months of lockdown, to get on their bikes and go for rides. It’s really fun to play outside and think that we can still enjoy it all summer long.

Kidoloisirs adapts to the seasons as it has adapted to the Covid 19 guidelines.

From now on, our animators are ready to welcome your children. Without delay, you can consult our offer of activities. It’s a range of diverse workshops and clubs, and most importantly well suited to the Wix School and Belleville Wix Academy Covid 19 decisions.

As with school, workshops and after school clubs are held in bubbles identical to those of the classes. This will make it easy for your children to identify their friends. They will stay in the same bubbles and thus have a good time working and relaxing together. The frame is thus secure and protected.

Warning ! The end of activities is staggered.

End of activities schedule: