VERY IMPORTANT: please do not gather in front of the school entrance when you come to pick up your children. Stay away. Kidoloisirs will ensure the outings of the children bubble after bubble in good conditions. You will enter into the school when your turn comes. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that our team is preparing to welcome your children. From today you can check out our range of activities. There is a diverse selection of sports, arts, crafts and other entertainments, and – most importantly – all of them comply with the Wix School and Belleville Wix Academy Covid-19 constraints.

As with school, workshops and after-school clubs are held in ‘bubbles’ identical to those of the classes. This will make it easy for your children. They will stay in the same bubbles as at school, and thus have a good time working and relaxing together. Everyone is secure and protected.

Warning ! The end of activities is staggered.

The end times of activities is staggered to limit flows. Parents must respect the social distancing of 1 meter by following the instructions posted at the entrance to the school and the markings on the ground which determine the directions of movement. Parents will pick up their child in the care area where adults will guide them.

Parents are not allowed to enter the premises at any time. It will be extremely important to respect the exit times.

If you are late, do not call the school offices. Kidoloisirs is an independent organisation. Please send an SMS to 07881497940.

End of activities schedule:

Kidoloisirs offers you the option of keeping your child until 5.30 pm. If you are interested, we invite you to register on line for our Garderie. Thank you