About us

Kidoloisirs Ltd is a specialised structure in activities for children. It organizes sports, cultural, artistic and school support (After schools clubs, Studies, Wednesday afternoon workshops and Evening day care) for students from Ecole de Wix, Belleville Wix Academy and the bilingual stream.

The philosophy of KIDOLOISIRS

KIDOLOISIRS is part of an educational logic. All its action is carried by a single aim of development of the child. Everyone’s singularity is respected and living together is supported and developed.

The activities are quarterly. They allow each child to acquire and develop new knowledge, skills and attitudes. They stimulate children’s sensibilities and imaginations and allow them to express them.

The educational objectives of KIDOLOISIRS Ltd focus on the well-being of children, their active participation in the workshops and adaptation to community life. They are:

Develop the imagination:

– By allowing them to develop their creativity and their imagination through artistic, sporting and cultural activities.

– By setting up animation projects according to the needs of the children.

Promote development:

– By creating opportunities for meetings and exchanges between children.

– By putting the notion of pleasure at the center of activities.

– By ensuring physical and emotional security.

Allow appropriation:

– By gradually bringing the children to be independent and take ownership of the activities.

– By attaching particular and progressive importance to the child’s commitment.

The welcome in clubs and workshops is a place for sharing and experiencing community life. It leaves a place for each individuality while paying particular attention to the functioning of the group.

Allow each child to find their place in the group:

– By valuing everyone’s skills.

– By paying particular attention to the fight against discrimination and domination

– By offering a welcome, adapted to each person’s rhythm.

– By integrating new children into the group through a presentation or through knowledge games and by involving them in activities

Foster group cohesion:

– By developing a sense of sharing

– By promoting the notion of mutual aid and support

– By promoting cooperative games

– By promoting the gender mix in the group and the activities

– By fighting against prejudice and discrimination

– By socializing the children through a community life favoring contacts and exchanges

– By allowing communication and exchange between different groups

– By opening the group to other audiences

– By making children participate in collective life

– By posting these rules and ensuring that they are accepted by all.

– By allowing them to appropriate the premises and their spaces

– By proposing times for dialogue and discussions aimed at identifying children’s requests and regulating possible dysfunctions.

– By setting up direct and indirect means of communication to promote exchanges between children.


The clubs are a space for individual and collective emancipation. It allows children to receive and share knowledge and form their own points of view.

Understand and analyze:

– By bringing new knowledge, via fun tools.

– Leaving stereotypes and starting from children’s knowledge.

– By offering keys to understanding that allow everyone to form their own opinion of things.

– Using the activities as discovery times on various themes

Allow everyone to express themselves:

– By offering different means of expression: the visual arts, theater, music, cinema …

– By setting up tools and times when each child can express themselves verbally and non-verbally.

– By promoting exchange and debate

Promote autonomy:

Initiative, in a secure environment is valued. Children are actors in their daily lives.

Do it yourself:

– By developing practical activities, by sharing re-mobilizable technical know-how

– By discovering various practices and drawing on local resources and skills.

– By involving children in the storage of equipment and in the tasks of community life.

– By considering leisure activities as a place to learn freedom.

Use children’s suggestions:

– By offering free time and times to define with the children.

– By offering spaces for discussion and debate.

– By allowing them to share their knowledge and know-how.


The respect for the environment is central at KIDOLOISIRS. It is not the obligations but the understanding of the world around us that allow ecological practices.

Develop relationships with the territory and families:

– By disclosing an activity program to parents in order to communicate to them the different activities offered to children

– By telling parents about the highlights through the KIDOLOISIRS website.

– By making maximum use of the potential of the places made available or present in the nearby territory.

– By sharing with parents on the development and behavior of children.

– By bringing in providers to develop specific knowledge and by working in conjunction with the local associative network.

– By offering activities directly related to school life.

Become aware of the relationships with nature and space:

– By developing sports, cultural and outdoor activities.

– By thinking about a layout of the space, the rooms, allowing children to find enough landmarks for them to feel good and by associating them with the reflection related to the layout of their spaces.

– By making children aware of the ecological rules of the place and introducing them to selective sorting.

– By proposing activities developing scientific knowledge.

– Using reused materials and setting up reusable educational tools.

– By offering outings and practical activities questioning our relationships with nature, food and consumption.